Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible, nicest thing you can achieve in your life. But, it comes with great responsibility too. In first couple of months, most common problem is to keep your baby clean, healthy and to make your baby’s stomach full. When your baby can sit up by itself, it is a time to buy high chair for your kitchen.

But, before you purchase a high chair, you must check several things in order to choose most suitable chair for your child.

Top 5 things to check when choosing a high chair

1.If you can, ask your friends what type of high chair they use. Word of mouth is great method to find out best possible product you can buy. You must check if chair is easy to use, especially if your spouse works, and there is nobody in near area to help you with a baby. Seat straps must buckle and unbuckle in just few seconds.

2. Second most important thing is – cleaning. Buy high chair which can be cleaned in most simple way there is. If chair has many tiny areas, you must realize you will have some hard time reaching those areas.

3.Comfort and adjustability is main features your new chair simply must have. Your kid will spend most of its time during the day in this chair, and you want to give your child as much comfort as possible, right? Don’t buy chairs with fabric cushions, because these chairs are very soft and its also difficult to clean.

4.Quality – You definitely want your baby to be safe and comfortable in a high chair. You can check if high chair has JPMA sticker as a proof that manufacturer fulfilled certain testing requirements for juvenile products.

5. And last, but not the least – safety. Five point harness will keep your baby safe and it also prevent slippery.  Always make sure your baby is properly strapped before you start feeding.

Type of high chairs are various. There are plastic or metal chairs, there are also wooden chairs, or chairs with removable trays. It is up to you which chair will you choose, but remember one thing – your baby’s safety comes first. But, if you are not a parent yet, you might need desk chair for your home office.


High chair will help your baby to explore completely new world full of new things, tastes and colors. If you really want to make your baby independent, buy chair which is easy to use and which is as safe as it can get. And remember, never leave your baby alone in high chair, not even for a split of a second!

Choosing a High Chair