Wicker dining chairs looks very nicely designed, but are those chairs really good for outdoor and indoor use? And what is wicker anyway? Wicker is material which is used for centuries. It is related to grass and plants that are used for weaving.

What is wicker?

This type of furniture are most often used for outdoor patio and porches, but if you want to buy wicker dining chairs, you must choose all weather wicker furniture if you want to be sure that it will last long. Also, there are wicker chairs for indoor use and outdoor use and you must know difference between those chairs.

For outdoor use, synthetic materials are used because those chairs need to withstand exposure to the sunlight, rain or even snow. If you use wicker dining chairs for indoor use outside, they will definitely get damaged soon. So, make sure you don’t make this mistake.


History of wicker

History of weaving is very long. It has been documented way back in ancient Egypt, and later, wicker baskets become popular for carrying all kind of things in ancient Rome and Persia. Also, many archeologists found wicker products in tombs of pharaohs, and even on battlefields. Later, sea traders transferred wicker from Asia to Europe. This wicker was made of rattan, rare species of palm.

If you want to buy wicker dining chairs for outdoor use, go for synthetic chairs. If you are going to use chairs for your dining room, go for natural wicker chairs. For patio, you can buy resin wicker chairs. Resin wicker is all weather wicker and it looks identical to natural wicker.

Besides chairs, you can also redesign your living room with wicker table, bench seat or even stool. Although resin wicker chairs are sturdy and solid, with nicely designed cushions, you will feel very comfortable when you seat on it.

Things to look for when you buy wicker dining chairs are:

  • chairs need to be UV resistant,
  • they should be made of all weather resin wicker,
  • they should be comfortable,
  • price must be reasonable.


Generally, people are very satisfied with wicker dining chairs for their dining room or even a patio. Most models have arm rests for optimal body posture. If you want to give your dining room new look, chairs need to be stylish and elegant. Don’t forget to but cushions that will match your chairs, especially if you like your seats soft and cozy.

How good are wicker dining chairs