Productivity is one of the main factors every company wants to increase. But, it is not easy to do it, no matter how hard you try. Increasing productivity and efficiency of every single employee can lead to better company performance and better results. Recent study shows that productivity can be increased in several ways, but that all depends of people motivation, education and team spirit.

Here are small list of tips and tricks on how everyone of us can increase their productivity at work. If you follow this tips, you will build your self-esteem and you will feel a lot useful for your company:

1.Take a break

Eight to ten hours a day of continuous work can hardly make you to give the best you can. Take a break and talk to your colleagues in your free time, or take a walk for at least half an hour. This way, you can recharge your batteries and get back to work relaxed and full of energy.

2. When you need to work – work

You can complete each task the best you can only if you are interrupted by someone every single second. If you do not expect an important call, turn off your phone and don’t accept call from anyone. Focus on your current task and do not start second task until first one is finished.

3. Motivate yourself

Every person knows that motivation is very important for productivity. Before you go to work, find something that will boost your motivation. If you are don’t have enough motivation, you can always talk to your colleagues and you can share with them your feelings.

4. Mix business with pleasure

Sometimes it is good thing to mix pleasure with your business. If you are at home, but you have great idea for you business, just put the headphones on, go for a walk and talk with your colleagues about this idea.

5.Choose perfect chair

Recent studies show that ergonomic chairs have large influence at work efficiency. Finding a good chair is not easy, and you need to follow several rules when it comes to buying good office chair. Most models on the market are ergonomic, but you need to check if chair has height adjustment option, you need to check its dimensions and main features before you purchase one for your office.

6.Set deadlines and set priorities

Before you start your day in the office, make sure you have a list of tasks you need to finish that day. If there are less important things with longer deadlines, make sure you finish tasks which have high priority. If you don’t work alone, acknowledge your team about your tasks and deadlines.

7.Do not cyberloaf

Cyberloafing is a new expression that is used to describe a situation at work when people surf the web instead of doing some work. Surfing the web can be good in order to reduce stress, but you need to practice it only in your free time.

8.Don’t drink too much coffee

Coffee can be your good friend when you are at work, because it contains caffeine and this is good for energy boost. But, if you drink coffee too often, you will feel more nervous and out of focus.

How to Boost Productivity at Your (Home) Office