Living room is a place where almost everyone of us spend at least two to four hours a day. No matter if you watching a TV in your living room, or you spend some time with your family and friends, living room needs to be decorated and designed in most relaxing way, it must be designed in a way that you can feel peaceful and where you will have a chance to spend some quality time in order to get ready for the next day.

Decoration is not an easy job. Although it looks like decoration can be finished in several minutes, and you probably think you can decorate your living room by throwing some items here and there, and to buy small coffee table and that’s it, but guess what – you are completely wrong! Decorating your living room is carefully planned process and you have to spend at least several days to plan how furniture and other items will be arranged. If you got stuck, you can always ask for an advice from an expert.

Follow this tips if you want to decorate your living room the right way:

  • Make sure there is enough natural lightning – Sun is natural source of light, and people generally feel better if they are exposed to sunlight at least an hour per day. Sunlight will give you a boost of positive energy, and a rich dose of vitamin D which is needed if you want to feel fresh and relaxed.


  • Make some kind of wall decoration – if you are imaginative and you have great ideas of how to decorate living room’s wall, you don’t need to invest too much money in decoration for your living room. Do you have some silver plates from your parents you haven’t use in a while? It is good choice to put these plates on the wall, we guarantee your friends will love it.

  • Flowers, flowers and more flowers – Everybody loves flowers, it will look like a rise of spring that happens right in the middle of your living room! Choose flowers in various colors, because this will show others that you are not boring person, and that you are opened for new things in life.

  • Use wallpapers – Wallpapers are back in fashion! Although many people think that wallpapers are generally related to old style design, it can also be very trendy, you just need to choose trendy colors and modern textures. This will give your living room fresh new look and you will feel better in a room full of stripes and lines in various colors.

This is only small list of things you can apply in order to decorate or re-decorate your living room. You don’t need to apply all these tips in your living room at once, try and mix several things and you will find what suits the best for you. It is important to be very careful with every single detail, because sometimes, one item can destroy look of whole living room. Good thing is you can always change arrangement if you are not satisfied.

How to Decorate Your Living Room