In these fast and modern world, not everyone has enough time to set table for a dinner. But, every once in a while, especially in special occasions such as Christmas dinner, any type of anniversary or even a birthday, demands formal dinner table. If you know how to set dining room table properly, that’s great. But, if you are not sure how to do it and you simply don’t have enough experience with setting formal dining room table, you can follow our list of tips and tricks.

Basics of how to set dining room table

Before you learn how to set dining room table, you must learn few basic rules. Once you learn them, it will be much easier to complete whole process. If you have small gathering with a group of friends or members of your family, you don’t need to be 100 percent formal. But, if business partners are coming to dinner, and you have to discuss about some important business proposition, you will leave impression of very professional and well educated person if you set formal dinner table.

Things you will need

In this article, we will present to you small formal dinner table setup. For this occasion, you will need:

  • glass for wine and water,
  • plate for salad and dinner,
  • napkin,
  • bowl for soup,
  • knife,
  • spoon for soup and main course,
  • fork for salad and main course.

For more formal occasions, you need to add one more glass for wine and small spoon and fork for dessert. Complete list of silverware depends of occasion and number of meals you will be serving.

Let’s get down to business:

1.First, put plates on the table. Plates needs to be directly in front of guest’s chair. Don’t put plates too far from the edge of the table. If salad and main course are served at the same time, guest can move salad plate on the side.

2.Left side of a plate is reserved for fork, or two forks to be precise, one for the salad, one for the main course. On the right side, put knife and spoon. Make small distance between silverware.

3.Very important part of dining room table set is napkin. You can add it on the left side of the plate, or if you are more experienced, you can make triangle or even a rose-shaped napkin.

4.Last but not the least – glasses. First, you need to put water glass. Any kind of regular glasses is allowed. Besides this glass, you must put wine glass. Wine glass is with a stem, and you must put it up and to the left side of water glass. If you plan to serve soup, don’t forget to add soup bowl and plate for bread.


Setting a dining room table is not hard once you learn basic rules. How to you set your dining room table for formal and less formal occasions? Share some tips in comments are below and help our readers! Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

How To Set Dining Room Table