Office chair is much more important than living room chair or even dining room chair. Office chair is in direct relation with productivity and it can affect people’s efficiency at work. If you work in the office for eight hours, it’s very important that you sit on high quality chair not just to increase your productivity, but to keep your body posture upright.

Posture is the position of your body. Optimal posture prevents back pain, problems with your spine and decreases stress on ligaments. Good office chair with ergonomic design will help you to sit straight for hours, without fear of any type of muscular pain.

How to choose office chair

But, what should you look for when you want to purchase office chair? Follow these tips and find the best office chair that will suit your needs:

  • First, you must define your budget. If you have 100 or 200 dollars, there is no need to search for chairs above this price. But, don’t worry, there are excellent chairs on the market which can be bought for 100-200 dollars.
  • Second, ask yourself do you need a chair for home office of office. If you are working at home, you can take breaks more often. At home, you are your own boss, and you can go out for a short walk every hour or two. But, if you work from nine to five, away from your home, buying a chair is much more important, because you can take a break only for an hour.
  • Third – choose a chair according to your height and weight. There is no need to buy most expensive chair on the market if it is too high or too low for you. Most chairs has options for adjustments, but it is best to check chair’s maximum capacity and other options related to your body type.

Choose an office chair with these features:

  • ergonomic design,
  • minimal stress on the spine,
  • adjustable,
  • chair with lumbar support.

You don’t know what these means? Keep reading and find answers to this question!

Ergonomic design became very important in the seventies. “Ergonomic” means that chair is produced to eliminate muscular disorders and repetitive back injuries. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrests, seats and height to prevent back pain.

Spine can be affected with bad posture. If you choose a chair that minimize pressure on the spine, this means that chair has lumbar support. Adjustable chairs offer minimal stress on the spine, and this prevents crouching forward.

When it comes to adjustment, good office chair has following features:

  • seat height adjustment,
  • backrest,
  • armrest,
  • width and depth adjustment.

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Process of buying an office chair