In this harsh time of global warming and climatic changes, every person on the planet must be aware that only we can save our planet. As you already know, ecology is a field of science that study interactions between organisms and environment. This is interdisciplinary science closely related to biology and Earth science. Ecology is very important in providing information and answers how to save our planet and what people can do in order to keep environment safe and sound.

What is Eco Friendly?

But, do you know what Eco Friendly means? This term is shorter version of terms “nature friendly” or “environmentally friendly”, and it is used in marketing to refer goods, policies and products that are made without any harm to ecosystems. There are specific regulations in order to define which products and services can be included in Eco Friendly program.


Eco Friendly chairs

In the last several years, there are several companies that have one simple goal – to make furniture which is Eco friendly. This furniture is known as “green furniture”. But, is every green furniture really Eco Friendly? How to choose right Eco Friendly chairs and how to make difference between real green chairs and fake green chairs? We try to provide answer to this question below.

1.Look for durable chairs

When it comes to Eco Friendly chair, durability is a way to go. There is no reason to buy green chair if it’s not going to last long. Green chairs are made in various designs and different colors, but before you buy one, invest some time to find out of what material chair is made of, and how long warranty lasts.

2.Don’t be a part of consumerism

There are many products which don’t deserve to be bought at all. If manufacturer use Ecolabels too often, this can be refered as “greenwashing“. Don’t buy a product only because it is fashionable thing to do, buy green product only if you are truly aware of environmental problems our planet has and what can you do to make these problems go away.

3. Go “Certified”

Eco Friendly chairs are made of recycled metal, wood, clothes etc. Although we need more trees for oxygen production, there is a way to harvest wood. Check if chair has FSC standard of certification to be sure if chair is made from wood, but in a way that forest is still able to maintain itself.


Buying Eco Friendly chair is only one small step to become Eco Friendly individual. If you want to save our beloved planet, you can do several other things – drive less, use less power, buy local products, plant more trees, and many more.

Save Our Beloved Planet with Eco-Friendly Chairs