Chair cushions needs to be cleaned from time to time. But, cleaning cushions depends of its type, color and fabric. Before you want to clean cushions, first check are they machine washable or not. If they are, good for you, you just need to put them in washing machine, select a cycle and press the button. Make sure to check at what temperature they need to be washed.


If chair cushions are not machine washable, you must get to work.

If cushions are full of pet hairs, vacuum it with soft brush attachment. You can use small brush for small areas if you are afraid to use vacuum. If you notice any kind of spill and spot on your cushion, you will need some cleanser, but make sure to check tags and labels to see if material are too soft or sensitive. Use adequate cleaning agent for your cushions.

Generally, follow these tips for cleaning:

For suede cushions, use dry cleaning agent, or mild detergent mixed with water,

For canvas, use cleaning agent that does not destroy color,

For microfiber, use water and mild detergent.

Additional tips

If your chairs are located outdoors, cushions will become moldy and dirty after some time. To remove mold, you need some heavier cleaning agent. But, don’t rub cushion too hard, otherwise it will be destroyed. Always test small area of a cushion before applying cleaning agent, especially for the first time. Also, check instructions for cleaning from manufacturer to make sure not to use too harsh detergent. For odors and smell, use baking soda or mixture of vinegar and water.


Chair cushions are magnets for odors, pet hairs, spills and dust. Don’t let them get too dirty and clean them from time to time if you want to prolong their life cycle.

How to Clean Chair Cushions
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