You probably heard of suede material. You know it is expensive and it is very high quality, but – what is suede anyway? And how to clean furniture and chairs made of suede?

What is Suede?

Suede is type of leather, very delicate and soft leather used to produce jackets, chairs, clothes and more. In The Jacket episode of Seinfeld, popular sit-com, Jerry bought very expensive suede jacket, and we never find out what is its price. When he goes out in the rain, jacked gets ruined. It is well known that suede must not be carried out on rainy weather, because it will get damaged. Word “suede” comes from French origins, and it means “Swedish gloves”.

How to clean suede furniture and chairs? Is it possible to clean it after you spill something on it and how? Answer is yes, but best thing is to keep your suede furniture away from moist and wet. Sometimes, microsuede materials are used for furniture and upholstery.

Follow these steps to clean microsuede chairs:

  • Use vacuum to clean off dust and dirt – use soft brush as an attachment.
  • Use dry powder detergent for cleaning stains with soft brush or cloth.
  • Contact the seller for washing microsuede tips.

If you want to clean suede upholstery and chairs, use napping brush and suede eraser. Always check tags on your furniture before you clean it. There are W and S tags which means that you should use water or dry cleaner only. There are many products made for suede only, and you should use only those.

More tips and tricks

Additional tips:

  • If you spill any liquid on suede, wipe it up immediately, because suede is very porous. Small spill will be absorbed quickly, and it will become major issue.
  • NEVER use a pencil to remove stains.
  • If you are not sure how to remove stains, contact professional.
  • For stain removal, you can try to use fine sandpaper, suede brush and soft cloth.

Suede is one of the most expensive and most durable type of leather. If you have leather chairs, learn how to clean them and keep them in safe place. Always test small area of your suede chair before you start cleaning process. Don’t use chemicals of any sort because suede is very delicate and sensitive. If you have issue with wet stain, try to dry it out as much as you can before you apply soft cloth on it. Purchase protective spray and use it according to user manual.

How to Clean Suede Chairs
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