You bought vinyl chairs and you want to keep them clean and tidy? In this article, you can read and learn how to clean vinyl chairs.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is also known as PVC. This is abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, material that looks strong and invulnerable, but it is very gentle and it can be damaged easily. It is sort of a plastic, and it is very resistant to water and dirt. Use only mild cleaning products for your vinyl chair if you want to keep it clean and to look like new.

Vinyl chairs can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture sets. Vinyl looks like leather, but it is not that durable. If there are no stains on your vinyl chair, you can use dry cloth or rag to clean it. This would be enough. If you need something more powerful, use mild soap and water, or soft sponge.

Clean hard and soft vinyl chairs

Follow these steps to clean your soft vinyl chairs:

  • Vacuum your chairs. By using vacuum, you will remove dirt and dust, if any,
  • Clean vinyl chairs with soft rag or a sponge. Do it gently and slowly,
  • Repeat this process every week or two.

If your chairs are made of hard vinyl, you can use baking soda, but make sure you read manual first. If you want to double check, contact seller and ask them personally. If there are stains, use white vinegar, but test small area of a chair first.

Guide for cleaning hard vinyl chairs:

  • Rinse chair with soft sponge previously dipped in baking soda and water solution,
  • Wipe chair and leave to dry completely – or:
  • Prepare white vinegar/water solution and wipe chair. Leave it to dry.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don’t use abrasive or any other strong cleaner for your vinyl chairs and vinyl furniture in general. Test small area if you are not sure if cleaning product is suitable or not.


If you want to clean vinyl furniture or chairs thoroughly, use toothbrush to reach every single corner and area under the seat. Don’t use silicone oils, wax, and other harsh cleaners.

Vinyl, or to be more accurate, polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic in its basic form, and it is cheap alternative for leather, but people use it very often because we all know it can look pretty nice in your living room or dining room. Use these tips and advice to make your chairs looks beautiful and to last longer.

Learn How to Clean Vinyl Chairs