BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer is definitely one of the most loving product when it comes to toilet training and potty seats. With really affordable price, you cannot make a mistake if you choose this product to learn your baby how to use potty. This toilet trainer is made of plastic, it’s imported and very comfortable and flexible. Both boys and little girls can use it without any issues.

Main features of Babybjorn toilet trainer are:

– ergonomic desgn,
– easy to keep it clean,
– secure and stable.

Your kid needs to learn how to use potty eventually. Don’t wait to long because this process will only get harder to learn. With Babybjorn premium toilet trainer, made of quality materials and with pee-guard, this work will be so much easier. Product is light weight and every kid can put it up and down without any problems. It can be adjusted according to the size of your toilet bowl, it fits most models perfectly.

If your kid is still small, you can try with other Babybjorn products such as potty chair, smart potty and step stool. You don’t have to worry about size of your toilet, toilet trainer mists almost every model on the market. You and your kid can adjust it really easily. With splash guard, your bathroom and toilet bowl will be safe from stains and spills all over the place. Also, one of the most important features of this toilet trainer is, and that is most common concern of every mom, is that it’s very easy to keep it clean and to maintain it. You just need to wash it with hot water.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Babybjorn toilet trainer

As same as other products, this has many advantages and some disadvantages. You need to compare value of cost and benefits, and you have to decide if benefits are important than cost.

Pros of this model are:

– warranty of two years,

– easy to maintain,

– very convenient and comfortable,

– perfect when you travel,

– and more!

Cons of this model are:

– lid cannot be closed,

– splash guard is not low enough for some kids.

If you haven’t decide yet should you purchase this exact model or not, there are many images and even videos of this model on main product page of Amazon, so don’t forget to check it out. You can use toilet trainer whenever you want and wherever you want, you can carry it with you when you go on vacation with your kid.



If you are tired of spills and stains on your toilet bowl and on your bathroom floor because your kid still didn’t learn how to use potty seat, with toilet trainer, your job will be so much easier. Plastic is BPA free which means it is tested and approved by certified testers. This is really important for most parents. Babybjorn toilet trainer is a product recommended by so many parents all over the world, you can give it a try, you and your kid will love it.

BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer Review