Coleman is a company that offers perfect patio chair and it has a cooler installed! Cooler is already build in in arm rest area and it can support more than three cans of drink. You can keep all kinds of stuff in storage area so you don’t have to get up too often, you just need to laid back and relax and enjoy beautiful sunny day. Chair is made of high quality materials, it is very durable and it has capacity of three hundred pounds maximum.

Main characteristics of Coleman oversized quad chair are:

available in black color,
dimensions are 27 x 27 x 7.75 inches,
its weight is only 7.7 pounds.

Chair is made of polyester and it has durable steel frame. No matter if you want to relax in your patio or garden, or even take your favorite chair on picnic, you don’t have to worry about cool drinks anymore because this chair has all you need. Chair is foldable and you can put it inside a bag for easy moving. Unfortunately, this chair cannot be shipping internationally.

Customers say that this chair is excellent for the money. It is very affordable, and cooler is one of the best bonuses chairs can get. If you think your drink is not cool enough, you can carry set of ice pack with you just in case, of course, if you go out on a picnic. But, if you use chair for your patio, you just need to quickly go to your kitchen and grab ice from your freezer, but we think this is not necessary, because cooler does the great job.

Main advantages of this chair are:

affordable price,
cooler is build in,
easy transport,
enough room for several drinks.

Main disadvantages of chair are:

it’s a bit heavy,
material can be ripped easily, so watch out.

Coleman chair is really easy to set up, but it is not as oversized as most customers wanted to be. But, generally, this is not much of a problem. It has enough space for sitting, at least if you are not giant and if you don’t weight more than two hundred pounds. There is even a space for sandwiches in the pocket, in case you got hungry. Also, good thing is chair can be folded and you can store it underneath your bed or in a garage, or whenever you want because of this feature.

Good folding chair is a must if you have patio. If you spend most of your free time with family and friends, you definitely need set of chairs for your backyard. Invite your friends for a barbeque or just cold drink on hot summer day and have a great time while using Coleman Oversized quad chair with cooler. This chair is excellent choice for everyone who loves to sit back and relax and drink his or hers favorite drink on hot summer day. Grab your favorite drink and start chilling in just a few days!

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair With Cooler Review