Hello guys, check out our new article about Comfy Cush Back Pain Seat Cushion, this is 100% orthopedic cushion with memory foam and many people use it for sciatica pain, if you want to relief pain at low back where your tailbone is located, or if you want to secure comfortable position for your coccyx, this model of Comfy Cush wheelchair cushion with new and improved design will be excellent choice.

New design for seat cushion is designe with help of five molds, and if you have back pain, this is great chaice to reduce it. Check out buyers’ reviews if you are not sure if this product is for you, and don’t forget to seek advice from your health care provider. You can use seat cushion in your car or vehicle, or in your home and home office. If you don’t have back pain, but you have issues with pain in your hips or pelvis, this product can help you too.

Main specifications of Comfy Cush Seat cushion

Dimensions of this product is 18 inches by 14 inches by 3 inches and it has weight of one pounds only. It is light weight and it is not slippery at all. It has wide range of use, for instance, you can use it while you drive, for lumbar support, coccyx and posture improvement, you can use it if you have sciatica issues, lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, or you just want to decrease pressure from your tailbone.

If you work every day for several hours on a computer, sitting on a chair, you can use Comfy Cush seat cushion to make time goes faster and more comfortable. Your body posture will be improved a lot if you use this cushion, and you will not experience any type of back and tailbone pain any longer. Foam can be found inside cushion and it prevents seat cushion to lose its shape over several weeks and months of use. And one of the best things about this model is – you can use it if you are pregnant! We all know, and women especially know how hard it is to sit comfortable when you are pregnant. Everything is too soft or too firm. But not anymore – this will be your new best friend and you can carry it with you whenever and wherever you go.

Main advantages and disadvantages of this product

Main advantages of this model are:

– you can use it on recliner chair to reduce stress on knees,
– comes with cover with a zipper,
– excellent customer support,
– helps with many types of pain,
– good if you have issues with pain in legs while driving.

Main disadvantages of this product are:

– some buyers found cushion too small,
– too flat for some people,
– too hard when you sit for extended period of time.

If you are not sure this product is for you, check out images and other reviews on main product page on Amazon.


Comfy Cush Back Pain Seat Cushion is 100 percent ergonomic and orthopedic and it is filled with memory foam that does not lose shape over extended period of time. With extra memory foam, new design is better than ever before!

Comfy Cush Back Pain Seat Cushion Review