This is ideal cushion for all of you who have problems with pain in the back, it is even good if you suffer from hemorrhoid! If you sit during the day over longer period of time Donut cushion will be your next best friend! Cushion decreases pressure on your spine and on lower area of your body.

Main specifications of DMI Donut Pillow, Molded Foam Donut Cushion

Machine washable

Don’t you ever worry about hand washing because cover of this cushion can be put inside machine. If you think that cover is dirty, just remove it and put it inside your washing machine. Just follow instructions about temperature and programmable options.


Because cushion is easy and light, you can carry it with you no matter if you are driving a car or you work in an office. Just put it inside carry bag and your best friend will always be there with you.


Cushion is made of high density and very durable foam which doesn’t lose shape even after several months of use. Cushion is comfortable and it really fits for most type of human body. Dimensions of this cushion are 3 inches x 14 inches x 14 inches, and it is really light weight – it weighs only seven ounces.

Main advantages and disadvantages of DMI donut cushion

Main advantages of DMI Donut cushion are:

  • it is really comfortable,
  • firm and good for pain in the back,
  • for extended period of sitting.

Main disadvantages of this product are:

  • it is not made for pain in lower back,
  • some buyers think it is too hard.

Currently, DMI Donut cushion is rated really well and it has good positions in seat cushions category, along with lifting cushions and specialty medical pillows category. Cushion has oval shape, it is quite firm and if you have pain problems you should seek advice from your doctor if you are not sure if this product is right for your condition or not.

Generally, people are really satisfied with this product. Some of them are using it while they exercise, but many of them are using this cushion while they’re driving, especially if that is long distance driving. If you work at home and you sit on a chair several hours every single day, this would be great choice to reduce pressure on your tailbone and back. Design of DMI Donut cushion is very well made, it is small and it is easy to carry it around no matter where you are going. Some buyers did not find it too comfy, but that all depends of your needs and desires. If you want soft pillow, this is not for you, you should seek some different product. But if you are looking for firm cushion, this product is top notch!


According to buyers DMI Donut Pillow, Molded Foam Donut Cushion is definitely a product worth to try. It is stable and it does not slip, and it is great for this amount of money.

DMI Donut Pillow, Molded Foam Donut Cushion Review