Duro-Med cushion comes in navy color, and its dimensions are 14.8 inches x 13.1 inches x 2.9 inches. This cushion is great if you want to relieve back paint and if you have issues with spin and bad position. Cushions come with cover which can be washed in a machine. You don’t have to worry about slipping and staying out of the position, with Duro-med cushion you can sit stable and you can enjoy in your activity without back pain.

Main features of Duro-med cushion are:

  • you can use it at home,
  • recommended for office use too,
  • small and comfortable,
  • affordable price.

If you are recovering from any kind of injury of even a surgery, this will be your new best friend. Besides home and office use, you can put this small buddy in your car if you are driving to work every single day. Forget about pressure on your spine and back, you can now sit for hours on your chair without any issues. Its weight is only ten point four ounces. Please check main product page for exclusive limited warranty.

Don’t be afraid to carry this seat cushion with you if you have issues with spine or back. Cusion will not use their fluffiness over time, and it is great in all kinds of situations. Many buyers noticed that cushion doesn’t lose its dimensions and shape even after several months of use. Some buyers found it too firm and some noticed their pain is worse, so if you have any kind of questions check with your health care provider do you need to use this seat cushion or not. Also, if you have several surgeries regarding to your back, check with your doctor if this is suitable for you or not. Maybe seat cushion can be a bit firmer according to some buyers, but it is definitely worth to try.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Duro-Med cushion

Main advantages of this model are:

  • comfy,
  • small and easy to carry around,
  • it stays secure.

Main disadvantages of this model are:

  • a bit thin,
  • some people had issues with support.

This product is one of the best sellers in several different categories. Although product can be a little different than on images and videos on Amazon, it is almost identical. Some people used it on a chair with a recliner, but if you want to do the same, check dimensions of both seat cushion and your chair. Cushion is not too firm, if you want to have firm cushion, try some different model. Cushion is great if you are sensitive to long sitting and if you area around tailbone is sensitive. Main advantages of this model is that it’s light weight and great for transport.


Many people of all ages have issues with posture while sitting. Too many young people have problems with back pain and problems with spine and back, along with the neck pain. But, with Duro-Med cushion, your problems will be over. Purchase this small cushion and you can use it every day, no matter if you are traveling to work or if you work at home.


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