At the point when you notice some main indications that your child is ready for potty traning, you have a vital choice to make: which potty seat you should choose and how to choose it? There are a lot of models accessible on the market and available for really affordable price, and if you heard Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty is nice choice, you can read review and decide if this model can help you go through this occasionally troublesome process.

Utilizing potty is prevalent method for making new step in every children’s life – to learn how to use a potty! Not all children are ready to utilize the potty at the same time, yet the people at Fisher Price have thought this through efficiently, they made a potty with music! The Learn to Flush potty is significantly more special than other potties because it is unique and very interesting. The genuine fun is in the flushing activity. At the point when your kid flushes the potty, the tank water include fun lights and you can see how water spins around to a genuine flushing sound.

Main features of Fisher Price Learn to Flush potty are:

  • with music and lights,
  • easy to clean,
  • handles are included,
  • and so much more!

Other than this, splash guard is not too tall, so make sure you check if this is good for your boy. There are no information about tallness of guard, unfortunately, but you can check images from other customers and you just need to think about if this model suits nicely for your bathroom. Back is a bit short, but good for toddlers and for smaller kids. If you want, you can remove seat.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Learn to Flush potty

Main advantages of this model are:

  • interesting and creative,
  • fun to observe and easier to imitate,
  • with lights and different kind of music.

Main disadvantages are:

  • potty must be dry in order to stop producing music,
  • some parents noticed this model leaks.


Fisher Price is really well known company that produces products for kids. Potty seats are one of these products, and you should know that Learn to Flush potty with more than seven hundred mostly positive reviews are one of the top rated models with affordable price that can help you in process in learning your kid how to flush and how to use potty in the first place. If your child loves melodic jingles and sound of any kind, along with light, this model is perfect for him or her. There are splash guard for boys if you want to prevent any mess on the bathroom floor. Potty is very stable and it is so cute. To figure out how to flush potty has it is not simple process for smaller kids, but Learn to Flush potty can make this job so much easier. With Fisher Price learn to flush potty, your kid will enjoy, if not for anything else, songs will make you and your kid satisfied.


Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty Review