This is training urinal made for boys and it comes with funny practicing and aiming target which makes potty really interesting and something very unique. It has very affordable price and it looks like a frog. Although kids don’t like frogs too much, this frog is something different, it’s funny and this will be your kid’s new best friend.

This potty is great for all little boys of ages from one to six, it is bright and perfectly shaped for training. Height is adjustable, and it has bowl which can be removed very easily. You don’t need to much time to clean it, and you have to worry about dirty bathroom or any other room. Potty is especially easy to install on your toilet.

If this is not enough for you, potty has portable hook which makes it very solid and stable. This model is definitely worth buying for. Your little boy will learn how to use potty while he stands up. Don’t wait any longer, buy this model and your kid will stand still and aim at small wheel inside potty. Cups are made with suction feature which makes it very easy to be attached to toilet bowl or even a wall. Full dimensions of this potty is seven inches x eight inches x twelve inches, and its weight is only zero point six ounces.

Potty has a tray than needs to be emptied first and then washed. Wash it according to user manual and guide. You can mount it directly on bathroom’s wall without a problem, and green color makes this potty different and more appealing to kids than other regular models. Many customers bought this model for their kids and grandkids and kids just love it! You must be aware than it is not regular size, it’s a bit smaller than usual models, but does great job without any issues.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Foryee Cute Frog potty

Main advantages of this model are:

– can be mounted on a wall,

– easy to clean,

– stable and

– nice design.

Size of this training urinal is smaller because it is made for small kids, but it is not that small. You can see pictures of verified buyers if you want to check how this potty looks mounted on a wall. Spinner is just an interesting bonus every kid will definitely find amusing. Training urinal gives children situation to be independent and that is definitely of the best things about this model. With more than affordable price, you cannot make a mistake with green frog.



Many parents spend most of their time while they think about how their little boys will learn how to perform number one while standing up. Not all boys are same size and heights, some of them are smaller while some of them are large and taller. Foryee Cute Frog Potty can be adjusted as per your kid’s needs and height, so you don’t have to worry about any mess on the floor.

Foryee Cute Frog Potty Review