Let us represent new model on the market, this is SOJOY Universal cushion with 12 Volts heated car seat, it can be adjusted according to your needs at high or low temperature, there is thirty minutes timer and when you learn how to use it, you will be very satisfied. Warm seat cushions in your car are not so far away – there are so many different models and sizes you can find on the market, but you need to check if they are correct size. With affordable price, heated seat cushions will help you to be comfortable and relaxed while you drive, especially for long distance driving.

Main specifications of SOJOY universal cushion

Main specifications of this particular model are features that many customers like. You can find them below:

  • warm seats in just few minutes,
  • you can install it at the front or in the back,
  • very comfortable.

If you have car with standard seat, you don’t have to worry about warm cushion no more, this model is perfect for you. It is very easy to set everything up, seat has belts that are really elastic and distribution of heat is evenly transferred. Seat and seat cushion are made of polyester, it’s very soft and you can heat cushion up to one hundred and fifteen degrees F. Many people bought this model because they have really cold seats especially when it is really coled outside. Cable is really long so you don’t have to worry about space in your car or vehicle. With reasonable price, this is one of the best models you can find. If your loved one doesn’t like being cold, this would be perfect surprise or a gift.

Main advantages and disadvantages of SOJOY seat cushion

Main advantages of this model are:

– integrated timer,
– stable and comfy,
– with secure straps.

Main disadvantages of this model are:

– several buyers noticed it stopped working after several weeks.
– some buyers found it too small, so you better measure you car seat twice before you order this product.

Dimensions of this seat cushion are 39 inches by 19 inches x 0.5 inches. Cushion will not slip if you install and set everything up correctly. It gets warm in just three to five minutes – how awesome is that? If you order this model now, you will get free shipping.


What can we say about this model? SOJOY is a cushion with really cool features, it has modern design and it gives you a chance to be warm while you drive your car. Seat cushion is universal and this means you can use it no matter what car you own, but just in case, you better check dimensions of your vehicle before you order this model. If you are not sure if this model is right for you, you can read latest reviews, comparisons and latest features on main product page, just click on image below and start your search for your new warm seat cushions! It is only few clicks away, so don’t wait any longer!


SOJOY Universal Cushion Review