Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion comes in black velour and it is very soft and comfortable. And not only that, it comes with lumbar support that feels great for your neck, body and back. Maximum temperature for heating is one hundred and fourteen degrees F, and you can setup and adjust temperature as you want. You just need plug seat cushion into DC outlet and that’s it, seat will do the rest of the job.

Main features of Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support are:

– luxurious model,
– very cozy and nicely made,
– universal size.

You can use this seat cushion for your truck, boat, family vehicle, RV, or any other vehicle you want. Price is very affordable, and if you order it, you will also get free shipping. It comes in black color. If you are interested in specifications about this model, here they are: weight of seat cushion is only one point five pounds, dimensions are 1.5 inches x 18 inches x 21 inches, product is made in China and it provides heated massage. It works on 12 volts, and it is great for cold days during fall and winter. Seat is made of polyester and it’s very warm and cozy. You don’t have to worry about usage – you just need to plug seat in outlet and adjust temperature. Not only that, seat cushion is portable and you can carry it whenever you go.

Customers’ reviews and opinions

Customers generally like this model of seat cushion. Switch is available and it is very easy to adjust temperature according to your needs. If you like to be a bit warm, set temperature to low, if you want to be warm, use high settings. It is simple as that. Fabric is comfortable and soft, and it is also durable. Design of this modern is high quality and provides overall nice experience. Generally, most important features of this model are it uses 12 V of power and gives warm feeling during winter. But, if you have serious issues and problems with your back, don’t expect miracles, seat cushion has only minimal lumber support and straps are a bit difficult. You can use seat cushion if you drive big truck and if this is your every day job, it will make driving so much easier. There are customers who use cushion even for bus driving.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Wagan seat cushion

Main advantages of this seat cushion are:

– easy to use,
– comfy,
– nice quality.

Disadvantages are:
– some buyers had issues with elastic ropes,
– this model doesn’t fit some models of vehicles.


No matter if you have issues with back pain or not, Wagan heating chair with massage is great solution for you if you don’t like cold weather and cold days. With affordable price and one year warranty, you can use this chair which provides great experience. Wagan is a company that has great experience in producing an manufacturing accessories for vehicles. They want to offer a product that will fulfill your needs and they want you to be satisfied.


Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support Review