Upholstered chairs are very stylish and it can give your living room a bit of elegance and luxury. But, what “upholstered” means? What is upholstery? Lots of you probably heard this expression lots of times before, but do you know what it really stands for? Upholstery is a type of work which includes providing any type of covers for furniture, especially chairs. Upholstery is a word which originates from word upholder. This word depicts a person who hold its goods and it is related to repairing a piece of furniture, instead of making new one. Although this term is used for car, boat, airplane and home furniture, it can

Main types of upholstery are:

  • commercial,
  • traditional,
  • marine and
  • automobile upholstery.

Traditional upholstery uses animal hair, wadding, straws, and other natural materials, while modern upholstery uses synthetic fibers, vinyl in most cases. Traditional type can be seen in Middle Age interior design, when seats have been padded. Grass, feathers and sawdust are used for stuffing.  This type of furniture is very high quality and it does not require much of your attention.

How to clean upholstered chairs?

If your upholstery furniture or chair, for example, has a lot of spills and it looks dirty, before you clean it, you should vacuum it first. Use vacuum attachments to reach all small areas and cracks. If you spill anything, you need to blot that spill right away. You can do that with a piece of cloth. Before you clean it with a cleaning product, check the code on a tag under a cushion. W code means you can use water based product, S code means you must use water free cleaning solvent. If you are not sure what type of cleaner to use, you can always check with manufacturer.


If you want to upholster your chair, you can hire professional upholsterer to do the job. Most upholsterers will give you samples of natural or synthetic fabrics, and your only job is to choose the one you want. Upholstery is a synonym for luxury, elegance and high class, and if you want to give your living room or dining room classy look, upholstered chairs would be good choice.

Upholstered Chairs